Italian citizens in the European Union (EU)

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Statista Dossier about Italian citizens in the European Union (EU)

Table of contents

  • 1. Membership
    • How much Italians feel like European citizens 2021

    • Italians' opinions on a larger EU 2021

    • Italians' opinions on EU images 2011-2021

    • Italians' opinions on countries to admit into the EU 2021

  • 2. Trust
    • Trust in the EU in Italy 2009-2020

    • Public trust in political leaders in Italy 2021

    • Public trust in institutions in Italy 2020

    • Voting intentions for parliamentary elections in Italy September 2021

  • 3. Policies
    • Assessment of European Union's policies in Italy 2021

    • Opinions on the most important factors for Europe's future 2020

    • Italians' opinions on role of Italy and EU towards Afghanistan 2021

    • Opinions on the government's foreign policy in Italy 2021

  • 4. Employment
    • Labor force distribution in Italy and EU-27 average 2014-2030, by qualification

    • Employment rate in Europe 2021, by country

    • Youth unemployment rate in EU countries June 2021

    • Unemployment rate in Europe 2021, by country

  • 5. Italians in other EU countries
    • Leading destinations of Italian migrants within the EU 2020

    • Number of Italians living in another European country 2020, by length of stay

    • Share of Italians reported to live in another European country by area 2020

    • Most popular destination countries of Italian Erasmus+ students 2018-2019

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