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Statistics report about Euroscepticism

Table of contents

    • Euroscepticism: respondents' image of the European Union from 2006 to 2022

    • Share of Europeans who think their country would be better off outside EU

    • General feelings towards the EU 2022, by country

    • Euroscepticism: attitudes towards the EU among citizens by political ideology in 2022

    • Share of people who want Britain to leave the EU 1992-2019

    • Dissatisfaction with democracy in the EU and home country 2022

    • Share of respondents describing the EU as bureaucratic in 2022

    • Aspects about the European Union perceived as negative in Italy 2019

    • Public opinion on whether Spain's would be stronger if immigration was stopped 2021

    • Assessment of Poland's sovereignty in the European Union 2014-2022

    • Opinion on EU recommendations regarding judicial reform in Poland 2018-2021

    • Euroscepticism: how the COVID-19 pandemic affected attitudes towards the EU

    • Perspectives on the future of the EU among member states in 2022

    • Italians' opinions on a larger EU 2021

    • Opinion about adopting the euro in the CEE countries 2021-2022

    • Public opinion on EU accession in Ukraine 2022, by region

    • Share of people who think Brexit was the right or wrong decision 2020-2023

    • Scores of the French far right in the first round of the main elections 2007-2022

    • Euroscepticism: attitudes in Poland and Hungary towards the EU in 2022

    • Rassemblement National's proximity to the concerns of the French 2014-2022, by CSP

    • Hungarians' opinion on Viktor Orbán wanting to leave the European Union 2022

    • Share of Hungarians satisfied with Viktor Orbán 2013-2021

    • AfD party membership development Germany 2013-2019

    • Opinion on governing with PVV/FvD in the Netherlands 2020, by political party

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