Construction industry in Europe

Construction industry in Europe
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Statista dossier on the construction industry in Europe

Table of contents

    • GDP share of the construction industry in selected countries in Europe 2021

    • Construction industry production value in Europe 2020 , by country

    • Construction industry turnover in the EU 2011-2020, by segment

    • Number of employees in the construction industry in the EU 2008-2021, by segment

    • Construction share of total employment in Europe 2021, by country

    • Global construction companies by market capitalization 2021

    • The biggest construction companies in Europe based on market cap in 2021

    • Leading construction and materials companies in France 2022, by market cap

    • Europe's biggest construction companies 2013-2021, by revenue

    • The 50 biggest construction companies in the UK 2014-2021, by revenue

    • Largest builders' merchants in the UK 2015-2021, by revenue

    • Leading French construction companies 2020-2021, by revenue

    • Biggest construction companies in Germany 2020-2021, by by total output

    • Main construction companies in Spain 2021, by revenue

    • The 30 biggest construction companies in Sweden based on revenue 2017-2021

    • Biggest construction companies in Poland 2020-2021, by revenues

    • Leading companies in the construction industry in Romania 2020, by revenue

    • Construction investment barriers EU and U.S. 2020-2022, by type

    • Infrastructure investment barriers EU and U.S. 2020-2022, by type

    • Monthly construction confidence indicator in the EU 2007-2022

    • Operation time ensured by the construction backlog in the EU 2007-2022

    • Monthly construction in the EU 2007-2022

    • Factors limiting the construction activity in Great Britain 2022

    • Monthly construction price expectations index in the EU 2007-2022

    • Personnel costs index in the construction industry in the EU 2007-2022

    • Average cost per square meter of constructing a building in European cities in 2022

    • Housing construction costs in the UK 2022, by type and city

    • Housing construction cost in selected EU cities 2022, by type

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