Parliamentary election 2018 in Italy

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Statista dossier on the parliamentary election 2018 in Italy

Table of contents

    • Voting intention in the parliamentary elections in Italy 2018

    • Italy: trust in realization of election promises in 2018

    • Italy: opinion on the electoral promises previous to the parliamentary elections 2018

    • Italy: sources of information about politics before parliamentary elections in 2018

    • Italy: most discussed topics by politicians on social media 2018

    • Italy: mentions of Italian political leaders on Twitter 2018, by leader

    • Italy: results of parliamentary elections in 2018

    • Italy: seats won in Chamber of Deputies in the Italian parliamentary elections 2018

    • Italy: seats won in Senate in the Italian parliamentary elections 2018

    • Italy: share of women elected from the main lists in the general election 2018

    • Italy: voters turnout of national elections on March 4, 2018, by section

    • Italy: abstention rate in the Italian parliamentary elections 2018, by age group

    • Italian Parliament election turnout 1992-2018

    • Abstention rate in the Italian general elections 1976-2018

    • Italy: opinion on the new government's program 2018

    • Italy: level of citizens' confidence in the new Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte 2018

    • Share of citizens trusting the President of Italy Sergio Mattarella 2017-2020

    • Opinion on durability of Lega Nord and Movimento 5 Stelle government in Italy 2018

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