Current domestic reforms in Saudi Arabia

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Statista Dossier about current domestic reforms Saudi Arabia

Table of contents

    • Inflation rate growth MENA 2020-2021, by country

    • Fiscal balance as a percentage of GDP MENA 2020-2021, by country

    • Real GDP growth across the MENA in 2020-2021, by country

    • Share of workforce employed in public sector across the GCC 2016 by country

    • Compliance rate of oil production in Saudi Arabia 2018

    • Overall score of Saudi Arabia on the Economic Freedom Index ranking 1998-2018

    • Ability to criticize government in Saudi Arabia 2017-2018

    • Share of national and non-national workforce in Saudi Arabia by industry 2017

    • Revenue share of the public sector salary bill in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait 2017

    • Value of Gross Domestic Product in Saudi Arabia 2012-2019 by sector

    • Youth unemployment share in Saudi Arabia 2000-2019

    • Female labor force participation rate amongst nationals in Saudi Arabia 1990-2020

    • Tax burden score of Saudi Arabia on the Economic Freedom ranking 1998-2018

    • Taxation rate in Saudi Arabia 2018 by type

    • Likelihood of the introduction of VAT tax in the GCC by 2017

    • Expectations of low oil price impacts on housing development in Saudi Arabia 2016

    • Number of female drivers in Saudi Arabia by region in 2020

    • Number of male drivers in Saudi Arabia by region in 2020

    • Number of private driving licenses issued in Saudi Arabia in 2010-2025

    • Number of passenger car sales in Saudi Arabia in 2014-25

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