Israel: Knesset election 2019

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Statista Dossier on the parliamentary election 2019 in Israel

Table of contents

    • Overall score of Israel on the Economic Freedom Index ranking 2000-2021

    • Government integrity sub-score of Israel of Economic Freedom ranking 2000-2021

    • Israel 's PCSI 2018-2019

    • Households of Israel by population group 2016

    • Seats in the parliament of Israel by party 2019

    • Share of votes in the parliament election of Israel by party 2019

    • Number of votes in the parliament election of Israel by party 2019

    • Number of registered voters in Israel 1992-2019

    • Number of casted votes for the parliament in Israel 1992-2019

    • Voter turnout rate for the parliament elections in Israel 1992-2019

    • Freedom House rating of Israel's parliamentary election1992-2019

    • Opinion of Israelis on their voting intention for smaller parties 2019

    • Level of trust amongst Jews and Arabs in Israel on the election surveys in 2019

    • Political inclination of Jewish in Israel for next prime minister by age in 2019

    • Major factors which could impair the election in Israel 2019

    • Frequency of Israelis following the media coverage of the election 2019

    • Share of population with little of no trust in the integrity of Israeli election 2019

    • Share of Jews in Israel believing Netanyahu's claims on the submarine affair 2019

    • Share of Jews deemed US recognizing Golan as Israeli sovereignty beneficial 2019

    • Jews agreeing with US recognizing Golan as Israeli sovereignty boosts Netanyahu 2019

    • Israeli Jews' perception on Israel's conduct on the clashes along the Gaza fence 2019

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