Women in Australia

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Statista Dossier on women in Australia

Table of contents

    • Population breakdown Australia 2011-2021 by gender

    • Sex ratio in Australia 2019 by city area

    • Life expectancy at birth Australia 2000-2019 by gender

    • Gender pay gap in Australia FY 2014-2019

    • Labor force participation rate of women in Australia 2000-2021

    • Average weekly earnings in the public sector in Australia 2010-2020 by gender

    • Average weekly earnings in the private sector in Australia 2010-2020, by gender

    • Average weekly earnings of males and females in Australia 2020, by industry

    • Share of male and female KMPs Australia FY 2019, by industry

    • Number of CEOs Australia FY 2019, by gender

    • Share of population with pension coverage for females Australia FY 2004-2018

    • Proportion of women with a bachelor degree or above in Australia 2000-2021

    • Share of women studying for non-school qualifications in Australia 2021, by field

    • Median female graduate salary Australia 2019, by study area

    • Share of female university graduates employed full-time Australia 2020 by occupation

    • Leading causes of death Australia 2020, by gender

    • Total fertility rate of Australia 1800-2020

    • Breast cancer mortality rate Australia 1968-2021, by gender

    • Frequency of women visiting obstetricians or gynecologists Australia 2018

    • Female smoking prevalence forecast in Australia 2010-2025

    • Alcohol consumption of adults in Australia 2010-2019 by gender

    • Median age at death of indigenous and non-indigenous females Australia 2016 by state

    • Most important factors that prevent gender equality in Australia 2019

    • Share of federal government ministers Australia 2009-2020, by gender

    • Median age of first time marriages in Australia 1997-2020, by gender

    • Divorce rate in Australia 2020, by age and gender

    • Number of informal caregivers in Australia 2020, by gender and type

    • Personal services paid for by men and women in Australia 2019

    • Number of women experiencing violence Australia 2005-2016 by perpetrator gender

    • Share of women who experienced violence in Australia 2005-2016, by violence type

    • Number of people sentenced to imprisonment Australia 2005-2021, by gender

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