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Statista dossier about women in Germany

This dossier includes statistical data about women in Germany. Through numbers, the compilation here takes an in-depth look at various vital aspects of a German woman's life. The dossier chapters cover a wide spectrum of statistics, from demographics and values, to figures on women in the context of relationships, family, children, work.

Table of contents

  • 1. Demographics
    • Population of Germany 1995-2018, by gender

    • Men and women in Germany by age group in 2018

    • Men and women by educational level in Germany 2019

    • Men and women by vocational training in Germany in 2018

    • Professional status of women and men in Germany 2018

    • Net income in Germany in 2019, by gender

    • Women's life expectancy at birth in Germany 1960-2016

  • 2. Values and views
    • Selected issues faced by women in Germany 2019

    • Values by gender in Germany in 2019

    • Character trait opinions in Germany in 2019, by gender

    • Information needs of German men and women in 2019

    • Views on the internet in Germany in 2019, by gender

    • Opinions in Germany on friendly interaction with others in 2018, by gender

  • 3. Job and career
    • Gender pay gap in select countries as of 2018

    • Unemployment rate* of women in Germany 1999-2019

    • Share of women in selected professional categories in Germany 2018

    • Share of women in leadership positions by industry in Germany 2018

    • Number of employed female doctors in Germany 2018, by field

    • Female social insurance paying employees in Germany by work hours in 2018

    • Female apprentices in Germany from 1993 to 2017

    • Opinions on relevance of career and relationship in Germany in 2019, by gender

  • 4. Family and children
    • Men and women by number of children per household in Germany 2018

    • German mothers' average age at childbirth 2009-2017

    • Births by age of mothers in Germany 2017

    • German birth rate by the mothers' age in 2018

    • Number of children per woman in Germany 1990-2018

    • Number of abortions in Germany 1996-2019

    • Opinions on the main reasons for having children in Germany in 2017, by gender

  • 5. Sex and relationships
    • Survey among singles on searching for a partner in Germany 2017, by gender

    • Most popular places for having sex in Germany 2017, by gender

    • Marriage age of unmarried women in Germany 1991-2018

    • Share of singles in Germany in 2019, by gender

    • Time it took for women in Germany to fall in love in 2019, by age

    • Survey on relationship dealbreakers in Germany in 2019, by gender

    • Survey among women regarding potential partners with children in Germany 2019

    • Survey on sex life satisfaction among women in Germany in 2019

  • 6. Interests and leisure
    • Volunteer work by gender and institution in Germany in 2018

    • Workout frequency among the German population in 2018, by gender

    • Cooking habits of the German population by gender in 2018

    • Magazine reading frequency in Germany in 2019, by gender

    • Most popular television genres in Germany 2019, by gender

    • Interest in social interactions and psychology in Germany in 2019, by gender

    • Interest in information about politics in Germany in 2019, by gender

    • Interest in information about relationship questions in Germany in 2019, by gender

    • Interest in information about books in Germany in 2019, by gender

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