Women in New Zealand

Women in New Zealand
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Statista Dossier on women in New Zealand

Table of contents

    • Female population of New Zealand 1991-2019

    • Female population of Māori residents in New Zealand 1991-2019

    • Fertility rate in New Zealand 2020

    • Fertility rate in New Zealand 2020, by age group

    • Abortion rate in New Zealand 1980-2019

    • Forecast of female life expectancy in New Zealand 2018-2038, by ethnicity

    • Female deaths in New Zealand 2020, by age group

    • Quarterly employed female numbers New Zealand 2015-2022

    • Quarterly unemployed female numbers New Zealand 2015-2020

    • Employed women in New Zealand 2022, by leading industry

    • Women with multiple jobs New Zealand 2016-2019

    • Gender pay gap New Zealand 2010-2019

    • Gender pay gap New Zealand 2019, by occupation

    • Change in female wages and salary New Zealand 2010-2021

    • Gender issues importance for organizations in New Zealand 2016-2019

    • People who trust police New Zealand 2019, by gender

    • Female victim crime share New Zealand 2021, by type of crime

    • Personal experiences of online hate speech in New Zealand 2018-2019, by gender

    • Median age of females at first marriage in New Zealand 1980-2018

    • Teenage fertility rate in New Zealand 2010-2019, by age group

    • Distribution of homeless population in Auckland, New Zealand 2018, by gender

    • Suicide deaths New Zealand 2010-2020, by gender

    • Share of adults who had alcohol in the last year in New Zealand 2021, by gender

    • Share of hazardous drinkers New Zealand 2021, by gender

    • Smoking rate among adults New Zealand 2007-2021, by gender

    • Obese female adults in New Zealand 2012-2021

    • Share of adults with high blood pressure New Zealand 2007-2021, by gender

    • Cancer crude incidence rate for females New Zealand 2018, by type

    • People who trust health system New Zealand 2019. by gender

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