Women in Japan

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Statista Dossier on women in Japan

Table of contents

    • Projection of total female population Japan 2021-2115

    • Life expectancy of women in Japan 2019

    • Mean age of marriage Japan 1955-2020, by gender

    • Mean age of childbearing Japan 1950-2035

    • Fertility rate in Japan 2009-2019

    • Number of female students Japan 2020, by institution type

    • Number of female university students Japan 2012-2021

    • Ratio of female university students Japan 2012-2021

    • Proportion women undergraduates by subject Japan 2019, by subject

    • Ratio of new graduates entering employment Japan 2021 by institution type and gender

    • Female labor force Japan 2011-2020

    • Female labor participation rate in Japan 2021, by age group

    • Share of women among employed people Japan 2020, by occupation

    • Share of female presidents of companies Japan 2012-2021

    • Level of active involvement at work among Japanese women 2020

    • BMI status of the female population Japan 2019, by age group

    • Share of women using contraceptive methods Japan 1990-2030

    • Smoking rate of women in Japan in 2019, by age group

    • Share of women among people aged 100 years and older Japan 2002-2021

    • Leading causes of deaths among women Japan 2020

    • Popular genres of creative activities Japan 2021, by gender

    • Popular genres of art and culture events to attend Japan 2021, by gender

    • Sport participation rate among female adults 2021, by type of activity

    • Share of women frequenting beauty parlors in Japan 2016-2021

    • Number of female Japanese overseas travelers 2010-2019, by age group

    • Relationship status of straight and queer individuals Japan 2019

    • Opinion on marriage perspectives in Japan 2021

    • Share of women taking childcare leave Japan 2011-2020

    • Childcare and education decision maker among married couples in Japan 2018

    • Number of divorces in Japan 2011-2020

    • Number of female prison inmates Japan 2011-2020

    • Number of consultations on stalking incidents Japan FY 2011-2020

    • Number of sexual harassment consultations Japan FY 2011-2020

    • Number of reported cases of rape and forcible indecencies Japan 2016-2021

    • Number of spousal violence counseling cases Japan FY 2011-2020

    • Gender gap index in Japan 2016-2021

    • Gender gap index in Japan 2021, by category

    • Gender equality situation in Japanese society 2021

    • Opinion on achieving gender equality in society in Japan 2021

    • Opinion on traditional gender roles in Japan 2019, by gender

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