Political division in the United States

Political division in the United States
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Statista dossier about politically divisive issues in the U.S.

Table of contents

    • Party each state voted for in presidential elections by number of wins U.S. 1900-2020

    • Winning political party in U.S. presidential elections by electors 1904-2020

    • Share of U.S. presidential elections where each state voted for the winner 1900-2020

    • Major political party identification U.S. 2000-2022

    • Political party identification in the U.S. 2010-2022

    • Level of support for capitalism. by party affiliation U.S. 2000-2021

    • Level of support for socialism by party affiliation U.S. 2000-2021

    • Trust in government by political ideology U.S. 1972-2022

    • Level of trust in major U.S. institutions 2021, by institution and political party

    • Confidence in political parties to protect the U.S. from external threats 2005-2021

    • Level of support for government intervention in society in the U.S. 2000-2021

    • Support for same-sex marriage in the United States 2016-2021, by political party

    • Support for abortion by party and level of legalization U.S. 2022

    • Support for Medicare-for-all among adults by party U.S. 2020

    • Share of Americans who favor restrictions on guns, by restriction and party 2021

    • Public opinion on a Southern-border wall in the U.S., by political party 2020

    • U.S. adults' belief in human-caused climate change by party and knowledge level 2019

    • Share of support for police reform proposals by party U.S. 2020

    • Opinion of U.S. adults on whether billionaires should pay a wealth tax by party 2020

    • Share of adults who want a minimum wage increase U.S. April 2021, by party

    • Share of U.S. adults who approve of how Biden is handling COVID-19 2022, by party

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