U.S. Coal Energy - Statistics & Facts

U.S. Coal Energy - Statistics & Facts

Statistics and Facts about the U.S. Coal Energy Sector

In 2015, coal was the third most heavily consumed energy source for primary energy in the United States. Texas is one of the largest consumers of coal energy in the country, however, the U.S. has begun to divest away using coal resources due to its environmental impacts. With total consumption of about 14 quadrillion British thermal units, the U.S. electric power sector consumed more coal energy than any other sector in 2015. In 2035, U.S. coal power generation is expected to decrease to around 884 terawatt hours.

The popularity of coal as an energy source in the U.S. is largely due to its relatively low cost. The cost of electricity produced from coal was estimated at about 3.29 U.S. dollar cents per kilowatt hour in 2014. In that year, one metric ton of thermal coal cost about 58 U.S. dollars. Coal consumption is rapidly decreasing in the United States due to increased availability of renewables and natural gas, as well as stronger environmental regulations.

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