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Transportation and logistics have been fundamental in Italy since the earliest times, with much of the infrastructure built by the Romans still in existence beneath the motorways of Italy today. Italy’s favorable position, in proximity to the Middle East and Africa, has also eased the development of the Italian transport industry, promoting it as a Euro-Mediterranean logistic platform for container handling, particularly for trade with northern and southern regions.

Currently the most used infrastructure for imports and exports are road infrastructures such as motorways and freight hubs. The Italian transportation industry offers a wide range of freight hubs including the freight hub of Orbassano and the freight hub of Verona, also known as "Quadrante Europa". According to official data, the share of goods imported extra-EU via road reached 68.1 percent in 2015.

The alpine tunnels offer additional insights into trade between Italy and countries such as France, Austria and Germany. Looking at the average daily traffic of heavy vehicles in the Italian alp tunnels, figures present a slight decrease. The share of vehicle traffic in the Italian alp tunnels shows that among the five main alpine tunnels, the Brennero tunnel absorbs 41.1 percent of all alpine traffic, making it one of the most important traffic connections between northern and southern Europe.

Railway freight transport on the other hand illustrates a balanced situation. The amount of freight carried by railway nationally in Italy displays a slight increase from 2013 to 2015. The total length of the railway lines in Italy cover the entire north to south of the country and enhance the transport of goods and movement of passengers. If we compare the main train stations by annual number of passengers in Italy, Rome and Milan confirm their role as leading passenger train stations, with more than 100 million of passengers per station.

Container traffic in Italy also shows a positive trend. Among the leading ten ports for container traffic in Italy, the port of Genoa handled more than 20 million containers in 2015. Along with the country's rail and road infrastructure, Italy could be considered a key player in the European transportation industry.

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