Electric bicycle usage in Europe - Statistics & Facts

Day by day bicycles are becoming not only a mere means of transport but rather a style of living, easing the transfer within urban areas without polluting the environment. As with cars, this means of transport is facing an evolution and electric bicycles are an example.

People are showing more and more interest in electric bikes, in fact the number of electric bicycles sold in the European Union shows a very positive trend. Countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium are leading as top purchasers of electric bicycles, followed by France, Italy and Austria.

In Italy, the number of electric bicycles sold grew by 121 percent in 2016, an incredible result compared to previous years. Figures are also positive regarding the number of electric bicycles exported and the number imported in Italy. The same trend can be observed in the Netherlands, where the import and export values of electrical bicycles have both shown positive increases.

Electric bicycles are well appreciated in Norway too due to their low emissions. As a result of their very low impact on the environment, the number of e-bikes sold grew from 22,518 in 2015 to 35,965 units in 2016. France is also showing a strong interest in electric bicycles. In fact the number of electrically assisted bicycles sold reached 134,000 units in 2016.

Looking forward, the market for electric bicycles is expected to keep growing and the wide range of possibilities, like the throttle e-bike or the pedal assist bike, offer potential to satisfy various customer needs.

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Bicycle industry in Europe - Important statistics

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Bicycle industry in Europe
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