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With people comes with the demand to commune. Being the most populated country in the world, China's mobility market is a significant player in the market. As of 2018, car parc in China has quadrupled since 2007, which has posed huge burden on the road network country-wide, as well as environmental problems in various aspects. Along with the global trend of environmental awareness, many countries in the world shared the same backdrop for the rise of electric vehicles. In 2018, China ranked high in all aspects in the Roland Berger's e-mobility index, together with United States, Japan and Germany.
In China, sometimes the word "electric vehicles" is used interchangeably with "new energy vehicles" or "alternative energy vehicles", with the only exception being the exclusion of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV). Unlike many other countries, Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) had always been more popular than Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV), with an annual sales volume of 0.984 million and 0.27 million units respectively in 2018, and accordingly an annual production volume of 0.986 million and 0.28 million units. Currently BEV accounted for the vast majority of the new energy passenger vehicle sales in China at 81 percent, and such figure is expected to further increase in the next few years.
In terms of original equipment manufacturers, the local manufacturers seemed to have dominated the BEV market in China. The leading market player is BYD, which sold over 14,000 units in November 2018, followed closely by Baic Bjev at almost 12,000 units. BYD also had a second highest brand recognition for electric cars right after the American counterpart Tesla, both with around half of the Chinese respondents stated that they were aware of such brands.
However, the infrastructure still need to catch up with the trend of BEV for electric vehicles to truly become popular in the country. Direct current (DC) is the most common type of public or fleet EV charging stations in China as of June 2019, with over 0.17 million across the country, followed by Alternative current (AC) at around 0.02 million. Some leading regions in China with most EV charging stations are more affluent cities and provinces such as Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Guangdong.

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