Automotive Industry in China: Imports and Exports - Statistics & Facts

Automotive Industry in China: Imports and Exports - Statistics & Facts

Statistics and facts about the Automobile Import and Export industry in China

Since 2009 the People’s Republic of China has been the world’s largest new car market and automobile producer. The Chinese automotive import and export industry accounted for one-quarter of global production capacity as of 2011. The share of passenger car and commercial vehicle exports as part of the production output in China accounted for 4.6 percent and a total of 850,000 vehicles were shipped from China to various places around the world. For the first time in 2011 the number of exported passenger cars exceeded the number of commercial vehicle exports. Chery, the largest Chinese vehicle exporter, sold over 160,000 vehicles abroad, which accounted for one fourth of the company’s total sales.

This vastly populous nation has also seen a growing demand for luxury cars in recent years and is attracting business from many foreign carmakers. In 2011, Germany exported around 230,000 vehicles to China at a value of over 15 billion U.S. dollars, making Germany the leading car exporter to China. Car manufacturers in Japan and the United States are also exporting in mass to China. The sales of BMW, the biggest exporter of brand cars to China, accounted for 11 percent of its total sales as of 2010.

The topics automobile sales in China and automobile manufacturing industry in China are presented in separate dossiers.

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