National Basketball Association total regular season home attendance by team 2014/15 season*

This graph depicts the total regular season home attendance of all National Basketball Association teams in the 2014/15 season. The regular season home attendance of the Milwaukee Bucks franchise was 611,226.

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Chicago Bulls -
Cleveland Cavaliers -
Dallas Mavericks -
New York Knicks -
Toronto Raptors -
Miami Heat -
Golden State Warriors -
Portland Trail Blazers -
Los Angeles Clippers -
Utah Jazz -
Los Angeles Lakers -
San Antonio Spurs -
Washington Wizards -
Houston Rockets -
Oklahoma City Thunder -
Boston Celtics -
Atlanta Hawks -
Memphis Grizzlies -
Charlotte Hornets -
Brooklyn Nets -
Phoenix Suns -
Indiana Pacers -
Orlando Magic -
New Orleans Pelicans -
Sacramento Kings -
Detroit Pistons -
Milwaukee Bucks -
Denver Nuggets -
Minnesota Timberwolves -
Philadelphia 76ers -
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