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Echo & Co. to Hit the Home Automation Market


Last week, Google unveiled Google Home, a voice-enabled speaker to compete with Amazon’s Echo. Just like the latter, Google Home comes equipped with a voice-activated virtual assistant that can complete simple tasks such as playing a song, adding an event to your calendar or changing the temperature of your smart thermostat.

Both Amazon and Google clearly aim to make their speakers, and the virtual assistants built into them, the new control center of the smart home, paving the way to a future where you don’t need your smartphone to control your smart devices, you simply need to say the word.

According to Gartner and Statista’s Digital Market Outlook, the VPA-enabled wireless speaker market will be a $2 billion business by 2020, accounting for roughly 10 percent of home automation revenues, which we expect to amount to $20.8 billion by then.

To find out more about the quickly growing home automation market, download our free market report, which was created with our partners from TrendOne.

Infographic: Echo & Co. to Hit the Home Automation Market | Statista
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