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Perks Of Persuasion: The Benefits Employees Would Change Jobs For


Most American workers have access to perks and benefits such as flexible working time, monetary bonuses or an on-site gym. Some companies view perks as morale boosters that help their employees compete at the highest level. They can also help bosses attract and retain the labor market's best talent. Some employers, such as Google, offer their employees an extensive list of benefits while others offer very few. According to Gallup, at least one third of American workers would ditch their current employer in order to pursue more attractive benefits and perks elsehwere.

So, what are the perks that would actually persuade somebody to ditch their job and make the switch? Gallup found that although most people do have access to health insurance, 61 percent of respondents would change job for this benefit specifically. Monetary bonuses and vacation are also notable perks of persuasion, with 54 and 53 percent of people respectively saying they would change jobs to avail of them.

Infographic: Perks Of Persuasion: The Benefits Employees Would Change Jobs For | Statista
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