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Media Usage statistics Media usage, also called media consumption or media diet, is defined as “the sum of information and entertainment media taken in by an individual or group” (source: Wikipedia). On Statista, users can find statistics presenting data on various aspects of media usage.

Penetration rates are the most basic measure of media usage. Media penetration, or reach, indicates the share of individuals in a country, region, or group that use a medium. Once penetration has been established, media usage is measured by the time individuals spend with a medium within a certain period, e.g. daily or monthly. Consumption patterns can be studied in more detail, analyzing locations where media is consumed and devices used for its consumption (as in the case of audio, audio-visual, as well as digital media).

Additional factors can also be considered. The language of media consumption is an important indicator for the analysis of multilingual territories and behavior of ethnic minorities. Media exposure, meanwhile, measures reach or penetration of media regardless of the users intent to consume—the share of individuals in the vicinity of an audio or audio-visual medium that hear or see its content, with or without wishing to be exposed.

In this section, Statista users will also find data on news consumption. Statista provides data on the most basic measure of news consumption—how many or what share of individuals stay informed of current events—as well as data on media channels used to consume news of various types (domestic news, international, sports and celebrity news). Figures on news media credibility and the popularity of news anchors are also provided here.

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