Video Gaming & eSports

Statistics and Market Data on Video Gaming & eSports

Video Gaming & eSports statistics The section on video games and gaming provides information on the video game and gaming industry, from data on the largest players in the business and their financial activities to statistics on the output and consumption of games.

Key industry figures: Statista provides figures on the video game industry that include revenues of the major players, employment, and unit sales and market shares for various companies. Also included in this section are statistics on software and hardware, console and accessory sales, gaming platforms (i.e. PC, Xbox, smartphone), and numbers of active and registered players for online and social games from companies such as Zynga.

Gaming behavior: Information about the consumption of video games is another major category of our gaming statistics section. Gamer demographics (i.e. age and gender distribution) are available, along with figures on gaming penetration among populations, time spent playing games, platforms and devices used to play games, and rankings of best-selling games. Also available on our platform are statistics on preferred game genres, MMO games (such as World of Warcraft), places where people play games, and consumer spending on games—both in-app and other digital purchases. Statistics on the use of online and video games in educational circumstances, including at school, can also be found on our website.

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