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Audio statistics Statista provides its users with a broad range of statistic covering all aspects of the music industry – the industry as a whole, along with specialized information on sales, the concert business, music awards, and celebrities. Data on music piracy and consumer preferences are also available.

The industry. The key figures Statista provides are industry revenues and expenditures, along with facts about employment. Further individualized data about the financial activities and conditions of major recording labels like Universal or Warner Chappell are provided as well. Retail sales figures in both dollar and unit values can be found for both physical and digital music distribution, including statistics on individual albums and singles. Additionally, information about music retailers as well as investment in the music sector is available.

Consumer behavior & preferences. Data regarding consumer behavior and preferences are often collected by surveys and provide direct insights into consumers’ involvement in the music industry. For example, information is available on time spent listening to music, average music expenditures per capita, and the amount spent on devices used for music consumption. Other data regarding music tastes can also be found, such as preferred genres or most-played charts.

Concerts & awards. Statista’s users can find information in our data base on concert attendance and the most successful tours in North America and worldwide, based on generated revenue as well as on the number of tickets. Data on concert expenditures, major players in the business, and largest concert markets can also be found on our platform. Extensive statistics are available on the Grammys and the MTV Video Music Awards, ranging from the artists with most awards or nominations to ratings of TV broadcasts or social media activity inspired by the events of the ceremonies.

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