Electronic Retailers

Statistics and facts on Electronic Retailers

Electronic Retailers statistics The global consumer electronics industry involves the manufacture, distribution and sale of communications and entertainment devices such as digital and video cameras, telephones, stereos MP3 players, DVDs, VCRs, calculators and televisions. A great deal of manufacturing takes place in regions were labor costs are relatively low such as Asia.

The world consumer electronics market is expected to see yearly growth. The 3D TV is expected to be the fastest-growing segment, with TV makers adding a 3D feature to their high-definition flat screen products more systematically.

Consumer electronics manufacturers continue to focus on innovation in next generation technology to meet consumer demand. The industry will gain some relief as the economic environment becomes more favorable, seeing consumers less reluctant to dispose of rising disposable income.

Smartphones will continue to boost sector growth, and connectivity will be key as consumers seek to link up home and mobile applications and devices. Growing reliance on the web in business and personal spheres is making close relationships with communications operators vital.

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