If and when did you purchase airline ancillary services?*

This survey shows the incidence and timing of airline ancillary purchases. Surveyed were U.S. consumers who had taken at least one leisure trip at least 75 miles from home in the past 12 months that included paid lodging and/ or air travel. With regards to advance seat selection, 27 percent of respondents purchased this service before leaving for the trip, 6 percent at the airport, and 67 percent did not purchase this service at all.

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 Did not purchaseAt the airportBefore leaving for the trip
Checked bagge 42% 39% 20%
Advance seat selection 67% 6% 27%
In-flight meals/snacks 72% 22% 6%
In-flight movies/entertainment 85% 12% 3%
Additional frequent flyer program miles 86% 5% 9%
Preferred seating/extra legroom 87% 5% 9%
Priority boarding 87% 5% 8%
In-flight wireless Internet access 90% 7% 3%
Airport lounge access 91% 6% 3%
Discounted flight change fee 92% 3% 5%
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