Largest churches among Evangelical and Conservative Protestant denominations in the United States in 2010, by number of congregations

This graph shows the largest churches among Evangelical and Conservative Protestant groupings in the United States in 2010, by number of congregations. In 2010, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) was the largest church, with 50,816 congregations.

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Evangelical/Conservative Protestant churchNumber of congregations
Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) 50,816
Non-denominational Christian churches 35,496
Churches of Christ 12,584
Assemblies of God 12,258
Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee) 6,100
Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod 6,040
Seventh-day Adventist Church 5,665
Christian Churches and Churches of Christ 5,293
All other Evangelical and Conservative Protestants 56,860
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