Statistics and data on Religion

Religion statistics This section provides statistics and facts related to religion and faith-based practices and communities. Some of the religions around the world with the most followers include Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and folk religions, and it is not uncommon for communities to follow a mixture of religious traditions. However, not all of the world population is religious in the sense of following a particular dogma—some consider themselves spiritual, agnostic, metaphysical, or atheistic.

The category of religion provides data and statistics on the prevalence of religion and faith-based practices by geographical region throughout the world and within the United States, by demographic, and by ethnic or cultural background. This data is augmented by statistics on the destinations of migrants of various religions. There is also information on the degree to which people are religious and how important religion is to them. The extent to which religion affects politics is also touched on, as well as the interaction between some religions and various other groups, such as other religions, the general public, and the LGBT community. Information on prison chaplains, their beliefs, and their interactions about and views on religion in prisons is included in this section as well.

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