Mobile internet and apps in Singapore

Mobile internet and apps in Singapore
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Statista Dossier on mobile internet and apps in Singapore

Table of contents

    • Share of mobile phone ownership APAC 2021, by country and type

    • Smartphone penetration as share of population in Singapore 2010-2028

    • Monthly market share of mobile operating systems Singapore 2021-2022

    • Mobile web traffic in Singapore 2022, by OS

    • Daily hours spent on mobile Singapore 2019-2022

    • Singapore mobile phone internet user penetration 2010-2026

    • Daily time spent using mobile internet Singapore Q3 2019-Q3 2022

    • Total 4G subscriptions in Singapore 2013-2022

    • 4G coverage experience Singapore 2022, by provider

    • Average speed of 5G mobile network Singapore 2022, by use

    • Time spent on mobile apps Singapore Q1 2018- Q4 2021, by category

    • Leading smartphone apps used daily Singapore 2021

    • Leading Android app publishers Singapore 2022, by downloads

    • Leading Google Play apps Singapore 2022, by number of downloads

    • Number of social media users Singapore 2017-2028

    • Social network penetration in Singapore Q3 2022

    • Market share of mobile social media platforms Singapore 2022

    • Major social media apps on Android Singapore 2022, by monthly hours used

    • Daily time spent using online media in Singapore 2022, by activity

    • Mobile games revenue Singapore Q1 2021-Q2 2022

    • Most popular mobile gaming publishers based on downloads in Singapore 2022

    • Game focus of Android app publishers from Singapore 2022

    • Leading mobile games on Google Play Singapore 2022, by downloads

    • User sessions on food and drinks apps Singapore Q1 2018-Q4 2021

    • GMV distribution of food delivery applications Singapore 2021

    • Mobile dating apps spending in Singapore 2018-2021

    • Most used mobile dating apps in Singapore 2022

    • Penetration rate of mobile dating apps in Singapore 2022

    • Frequency of using mobile dating apps in Singapore 2022

    • Leading reasons for using mobile dating apps in Singapore 2022

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