Online TV in the United States

Online TV in the United States
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Statista Dossier on the online TV market in the U.S.

Table of contents

    • OTT TV and video revenue worldwide 2020-2026, by country

    • Number of TV households in the U.S. 2000-2022

    • Over-the-air and broadband only TV households in the U.S. 2017-2020

    • TV household distribution in the U.S. 2016-2020, by platform

    • Most valuable TV and video platform types for consumers in the U.S. 2021

    • TV households with selected devices in the U.S. 2021

    • Daily time spent with video by U.S. adults 2019-2026, by device

    • Consumers using live streaming TV services shares in the U.S. 2021, by generation

    • Penetration of CTV device and connected smart TV in U.S. TV homes 2015-2022

    • Number of connected TV users in the U.S. 2020-2025, by generation

    • Connected TV viewers in the U.S. 2022, by age group

    • Video ad spend per advertiser in the U.S. 2019-2020, by device

    • Most important video advertising platforms in the UK & the U.S. 2021

    • Connected TV ad spend in the U.S. 2019-2026

    • vMVPD services with the highest share of total hours in the U.S. 2021

    • Number of vMVPD subscribers in the U.S. 2021

    • Number of channels on vMVPD platforms in the U.S. 2022

    • Hulu ARPU in the U.S. 2019-2022

    • Number of FuboTV paid subscribers worldwide quarterly 2020-2022

    • Sling TV: number of quarterly subscribers 2017-2022

    • Global number of Pluto TV MAUs 2020-2022

    • Number of TV channel bundle households in the U.S. 2016-2021

    • Pay TV versus virtual MVPD subscriber growth in the U.S. 2016-2020

    • Daily access TV content from the internet in the U.S. 2018-2020, by age

    • Reasons for not having cable or satellite TV in the U.S. 2021

    • Ranking of TV and video streaming providers consumers would not drop in the U.S. 2022

    • Daily time of US. adults spent with traditional versus streaming TV 2018-2022

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