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Statista dossier on the transport industry in Germany

This dossier provides a general overview of the transportation industry in Germany. It includes statistics about freight and passenger transportation, investment in transport infrastructure, vehicle sales, and economic data regarding the transport industry.

Table of contents

  • 1. Freight transport
    • Germany: tonne-kilometres of freight transported by rail 2006-2015

    • Tonne-kilometres of freight transported by road in Germany 2006-2014

    • Tonne-kilometres of freight transported by inland waterway in Germany 2006-2015

    • Total tonne-kilometres of freight transported in Germany 2006-2014

    • Forecast: revenue freight rail transport Germany 2008-2020

    • Forecast: revenue road freight transport Germany 2009-2020

    • Forecast: revenue sea and coastal freight transport Germany 2008-2020

    • Forecast: revenue inland freight water transport Germany 2009-2020

    • freight air transport revenue in Germany 2011-2022

  • 2. Passenger transport
    • Passengers transported by rail in Germany 2006-2014 in million passenger-kilometres

    • Passengers transported by private car in Germany 2006-2014

    • Passengers transported by coach and bus in Germany 2006-2014

    • Total passenger road transport in Germany 2006-2014

    • Germany: modal split of passenger transport on land in 2015

    • Germany: leading airports by passenger numbers from 2013 to 2017

  • 3. Transport infrastructure investment
    • Investment in rail transport infrastructure in Germany 2004-2014

    • Investment in road transport infrastructure in Germany 2004-2016

    • Investment in inland waterway transport infrastructure in Germany 2004-2014

    • Total investment in inland transport infrastructure in Germany 2004-2014

    • Investment in sea port infrastructure in Germany 2004-2015

    • Investment in airport infrastructure in Germany 2004-2014

    • Germany: share of GDP invested in inland transport infrastructure 2004-2016

  • 4. Economic data
    • Germany: turnover volume in the transport sector in 2014, by mode

    • Germany: number of enterprises in the transport sector in 2014, by mode

    • Number of employees in the transport sector in Germany in 2014, by mode

    • Transport final consumption expenditure in Germany in 2015, by type

  • 5. Road vehicle market
    • Passenger car sales in Germany 2004-2017

    • Commercial vehicle sales: Germany 2005-2017

    • Vehicle sales: Germany 2005-2017

    • Germany: number of cars per 1,000 inhabitants from 1990 to 2015

    • Number of passenger cars in use in Germany 2005-2015

    • Germany: number of registered buses and coaches from 1990 to 2016

    • Commercial vehicles in use - Germany 2005-2015

  • 6. Road and rail networks
    • Germany: timeline of total motorway length 1990-2015

    • Germany: length of road network in 2015, by road type

    • Number of road deaths in Germany 2006-2015

    • Number of non-fatal road traffic injuries in Germany 2006-2015

    • Length of railway lines in use in Germany from 1990 to 2015

    • Germany: number of locomotives and railcars from 1990 to 2016

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