ICT sector in Germany

ICT sector in Germany
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Statista Dossier about the ICT sector in Germany

Table of contents

    • Revenues in the ICT market in Germany 2006-2023, by segment

    • Employees in the ICT industry (without CE) in Germany 2003-2023

    • Number of ICT companies in Germany 2019 and 2020, by segment

    • Global ICT market share 2013-2022, by selected country

    • Export value of ICT services from Germany 2000-2021

    • Import value of ICT services to Germany 2000-2021

    • Revenue in the telecommunications sector in Germany 2005-2023, by segment

    • Employees in the telecommunications industry in Germany 2007-2023 by segment

    • Revenue of the leading telecommunications companies in Germany 2008-2021

    • Production index for the telecommunications hardware industry in Germany 2007-2022

    • Consumer spending on telecommunications services in Germany 1998-2021

    • Share of rural households with internet access in Germany 2013-2022

    • Revenue of the IT industry in Germany 2005-2023, by segment

    • Personnel in the IT industry in Germany 2007-2023, by segment

    • IT services global spending forecast 2008-2023

    • Security authentication measures taken to protect online accounts 2022, by country

    • Share of IT spend on cyber security in the U.S and Europe 2020-2022, by country

    • Median costs of all cyber attacks in the U.S and Europe 2021-2022, by country

    • Usage of cloud computing in companies in Germany 2011-2022

    • Revenue from consumer electronics in Germany 2006-2023

    • Revenue share of product groups in the consumer electronics segment in Germany 2022

    • Number of employees in the consumer electronics industry in Germany 2007-2023

    • Household penetration rate of consumer electronics in Germany 2022

    • Penetration rate of ICT devices in households in Germany 2014-2022

    • Penetration of selected consumer electronics in households in Germany 2021

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