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Statista dossier on Just Eat Takeaway.com

Table of contents

    • Market size of the global online food delivery sector 2022-2027

    • Size of the cloud kitchen market 2021-2027

    • Food delivery startup layoffs worldwide 2021-2022, by company

    • Market share of the leading food delivery companies in the United States in 2020

    • Just Eat Takeaway.com revenues 2021, by region

    • Just Eat Takeaway.com: revenue distribution 2019-2020, by region

    • Annual revenue of Just Eat Takeaway.com worldwide 2015-2020, by type

    • Number of global orders from Just Eat Takeaway.com 2014-2021, by country

    • Active consumers of Just Eat Takeaway.com 2019-2021 globally, by region

    • Returning active consumers of Just Eat Takeaway.com globally 2014-2021

    • Order value from global consumers of Just Eat Takeaway.com 2014-2020, by country

    • Main food delivery apps in the UK 2021, by downloads

    • Number of monthly visits to Just-eat.co.uk 2020

    • Brand awareness in the Netherlands and Germany of Just Eat Takeaway.com 2018-2020

    • Just Eat Spain: main reason for ordering food 2020-2021

    • Just Eat Spain: favorite moment for ordering food 2020-2021

    • Combined company value of food technology unicorns worldwide in 2020, by region

    • Value of leading food tech unicorns in Europe 2021

    • Combined enterprise value of food tech companies in Europe 2015-2020, by type

    • Investment in food tech startups in Europe 2013-2020

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