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Statista Dossier on virtual assistants worldwide

This dossier provides exclusive statistical information about virtual assistant technology. The dossier includes chapters on the market overview, leading companies, as well as consumer trends and information about the accuracy of the main digital assistants.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview
    • Global voice recognition market size 2019 and 2025

    • Number of digital voice assistants in use worldwide 2019-2024

    • Number of voice assistant users in the United States 2017-2022

    • Global smart speaker market share 2016-2020, by vendor

  • 2. Segment: Smart speakers
    • Smart speaker unit sales worldwide 2014-2025

    • Global smart speaker unit shipments 2018-2019, by country

    • Global smart speaker unit shipment 2016-2020, by vendor

    • Global smart speaker shipments 2016-2020, by vendor

  • 3. Companies
    • Global smart speaker market share 2018 and 2019, by platform

    • Smart home devices supported by voice assistants in 2019, by product

    • Growth of Amazon Alexa skills from 2016 to 2019

    • Amazon Alexa skills available in selected countries as of January 2021

    • Number of Amazon Alexa compatible smart home devices 2017-2020

    • Growth of brands compatible with Amazon Alexa 2020

    • Google Assistant: number of supported smart home devices worldwide 2020

    • Number of Google Assistant actions worldwide 2019, by language

    • Xiaomi AI assistant: number of monthly active users 2018-2020

  • 4. Consumption
    • Global consumer and business buyer attitudes towards voice assistants 2019

    • Business benefits from voice assistants worldwide 2019, by sector

    • Satisfactory level over voice assistant supported on smart speakers in China 2019

    • Share of voice assistant users in the U.S. 2020. by device

    • Smart speaker ownership rates in Great Britain from 2018 to 2020

    • Digital assistant ownership and purchase plans South Korea 2019

    • Plans to purchase digital assistants among Indian consumers 2018-2019

    • Top smart speaker use cases in the U.S. 2020

    • Willingness to pay for in-car voice services worldwide 2019, by country

  • 5. Special focus: Accuracy
    • Digital assistant performance comparison 2017-2019

    • Digital assistant performance comparison 2019

    • Questions answered correctly by digital assistants worldwide 2020, by complexity

    • Digital assistant performance comparison 2019, by category

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