Fake news in Brazil

The Statista dossier
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Statista Dossier on fake news in Brazil

Table of contents

    • Trust in journalists worldwide 2021, by country

    • Trustworthiness of news media worldwide 2021

    • Social media as a news source worldwide 2021

    • Usage of free news worldwide 2020

    • Identifying fake news. vs facts online in selected countries worldwide 2020

    • Factors that increase trust in online news worldwide 2020

    • Means of verifying if information online is true worldwide 2020

    • Media reach in Brazil 2019

    • Brazil: internet penetration 2000-2020

    • Brazil: number of internet users 2021, by device

    • Online news consumption rate in Brazil 2017-2021, by gender

    • Obstacles to news consumption caused by the lack of mobile connection in Brazil 2021

    • Brazil: social media usage rate 2017-2021

    • Leading social media platforms in Brazil 2021, by reach

    • Leading social media usage reasons in Brazil 2021

    • Leading offline news brands in Brazil 2022, by weekly reach

    • Leading online news brands in Brazil 2022, by weekly reach

    • Most-viewed free-to-air TV channels in Brazil 2022, by household rating

    • Most-watched pay TV channels in Brazil 2022, by household rating

    • Most-viewed TV news channels in Brazil 2022, by household rating

    • ePaper / online news website purchases by brand in Brazil 2022

    • Trust in selected news brands in Brazil 2022

    • Trust in media in Brazil 2011-2021

    • Brazil: trust in traditional media 2011-2021

    • Audience distribution in Brazil 2021, by trust in news brands

    • Share of people trusting selected news sources in Brazil 2022

    • Trust in online platforms as information sources in Brazil 2021

    • Trust in the press in Brazil 2021

    • Trust in online news in Brazil 2021, by source

    • Perceived shortcomings of journalists in Brazil 2021

    • Perceived frequency of fact-checking in Brazil 2021

    • Perceived willingness of news companies to admit their mistakes in Brazil 2021

    • Strategies for assessing news sources in Brazil 2021

    • Familiarity with journalistic terms in Brazil 2021

    • Characteristics of journalists the audience wanted to know in Brazil 2021

    • Attitudes towards news sharing in Brazil 2020

    • Level of information hygiene in Brazil 2020

    • Number of fake statements by Brazilian president Bolsonaro 2019-2022, by month

    • Bolsonaro's fake statements on the novel coronavirus in Brazil 2020-2022, by month

    • Perception of fake news' impact on the elections in Brazil 2022

    • Perception of social media platform duty to delete fake news in Brazil 2022

    • Opinion on messaging apps should go down to avoid fake news in Brazil 2022

    • Share of people who think fake news threatens democracy in Brazil 2021

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