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Statista dossier on fake news in Italy

This dossier has been compiled to provide statistical information about fake news in Italy. Beside an overview on news consumption in the country, the study highlights the trust in media among the population, as well as the concrete use of internet and consumption of fake news circulating online. Lastly, a section is dedicated to the user’s perception and opinions about fake news regarding the coronavirus.

Table of contents

  • 1. Trust in media
    • Italy: main information & disinformation topics 2019

    • Italy: trustworthy news sources in 2018, by medium

    • Trust in media in Italy 2012-2020

    • Italy: perception of news credibility 2019, by media type

    • Italy: fake news content 2018, by news type

  • 2. Internet and fake news consumption
    • Italian networks breaking Facebook rules 2019, by number of followers

    • Facebook pages closed for inauthentic behavior in Italy 2019

    • Italy: perception on online news and fake news 2019

  • 3. Fake news impact
    • Influence of fake news on the last elections in Italy 2017

    • Influence of fake news on personal voting intentions in Italy 2017

    • Italy: attitude towards fake news 2017

    • Italy: online fake news sharing 2017

    • Italy: perceived influence of fake news 2018

    • Italy: perceived importance of a law against fake news 2018

    • Italy: players responsible for stopping fake news spreading 2018

  • 4. Fake news & coronavirus (COVID-19)
    • Reliable news sources during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Italy 2020

    • Share of online fake news related to coronavirus (COVID-19) in Italy 2020

    • Opinions on fake news sources about the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Italy 2020

    • Opinions on fake news sources about the coronavirus (COVID-19) Italy 2020, by gender

    • Opinions on fake news sources about the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Italy 2020, by age

    • Opinions on fake news about the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Italy 2020, by macro-region

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