Fake news worldwide

Fake news worldwide
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Statistics report on fake news worldwide

Table of contents

    • News access in selected countries worldwide 2022, by type

    • Social media as a news source worldwide 2022

    • Consumers witnessing false information on certain topics worldwide 2022, by region

    • Identifying fake news. vs facts online in selected countries worldwide 2020

    • Means of verifying if information online is true worldwide 2020

    • Opinions on companies providing fact checks next to online content worldwide 2020

    • Reasons for news avoidance worldwide in 2022

    • Most trusted sources of general news and information worldwide 2011-2022

    • Trustworthiness of news media worldwide 2022

    • Global trust in public service news media 2018-2022

    • Factors that increase trust in online news worldwide 2020

    • Journalists who think media trust is reducing worldwide 2017-2021

    • Most used sources of coronavirus news and information worldwide 2020, by country

    • Coronavirus news sources worldwide 2020, by age group

    • Problems with finding coronavirus news worldwide 2020

    • Social media company responsibilities during COVID-19 crisis 2020, by country

    • Gen Z and Millennials reactions to fake COVID-19 news on social media worldwide 2021

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