Fake news in India

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Statista dossier on fake news in India

Table of contents

    • Primary source of news in India by age 2019

    • Newspaper and magazine consumption sources among consumers in India 2018

    • Social networks to access news India 2019

    • Factors in deciding social media news access India 2019

    • Most trusted news platform in rural India 2018

    • Trustworthiness of news source among Indians 2018

    • Trust in news in India by political ideology 2019

    • Levels of trust in digital media other than social media in India 2018

    • Levels of trust in technology and social media platforms India 2018

    • Levels of trust in fact checking organizations India 2018

    • Factors determining Indians' belief that news is credible 2018

    • Concerns about fake news in India 2019

    • Exposure to fake news in India 2019

    • Alternative news website users India 2019

    • Awareness of alternative news websites in India 2019

    • Factors that motivate Indians to share information on social media 2018

    • Type of WhatsApp groups rural users in India are part of 2018

    • Believability of information sent on WhatsApp in rural India 2018

    • Actions taken when forwarded messages are received on WhatsApp in rural India 2018

    • Responsibility to solve problem of fake news in India 2019

    • Disagreement to social media ban due to ability to spot fake news India 2019

    • Trust in social media companies to ensure factual content during crisis in India 2019

    • Opinion on social media ban due to terrorist attacks to stop fake news in India 2019

    • Indians supporting social media bans during a crisis to stop fake news 2019

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