News consumption in Hungary

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Statista Dossier on news consumption in Hungary

Table of contents

    • Press freedom index in Hungary 2013-2021

    • Revenue of the media and press industry in Hungary 2015-2020

    • Most popular news sources in Hungary 2020

    • Most popular offline news brands in Hungary 2021

    • Most popular online news brands in Hungary 2022

    • Share of Hungarians watching news programs on TV daily 2021, by channel

    • Distribution of Hungarians by media consumption habits 2020, by political orientation

    • Consumer spending on newspapers, books and stationery in Hungary 2008-2020

    • Distribution of press revenue in Hungary 2020

    • Frequency of reading press products in Hungary 2019, by type

    • Frequency of reading weekly newspapers in Hungary 2020, by paper

    • Number of issues sold from regional daily newspapers in Hungary 2020, by paper

    • News portal reach in Hungary 2021, by location and device

    • Digital devices used for consuming online news in Hungary 2021

    • Distribution of Hungarians by frequency of reading online news 2020, by website

    • Most popular domestic online news portals in Hungary 2022, by daily real users

    • Most followed Hungarian news channels on YouTube 2021

    • Share of Hungarians willing to pay for online news 2020

    • Sources of news about political and public matters in Hungary 2020

    • Distribution of Hungarians by time spent consuming political news 2020

    • Share of Hungarians informing themselves on politics from newspapers 2020, by paper

    • Share of Hungarians informing themselves on politics from TV 2020, by channel

    • Frequency of consuming radio news on politics in Hungary 2020, by channel

    • Public trust in news in Hungary 2021, by type

    • Brand trust in news media among users in Hungary 2022

    • Frequency of checking trustworthiness of news sources in Hungary 2020

    • Hungarians opinion on the importance of free press 2020

    • Hungarians' opinion on the neutrality of the media in the country 2016-2020

    • Hungarians' opinion on the state of press freedom compared to 10 years ago 2020

    • Hungarians' opinion on the political affiliations of the main news sources 2020

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