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Statista dossier about home insurance in France

This dossier offers statistical information on home insurance in France. The first chapter presents the general overview on insurance company penetration in France. In the second chapter, information regarding the price of home insurance across the country and regions are given. Multifarious premiums are introduced in the third chapter, with an overview over the European general market and then focusing on France. Property insurance claims are presented in the fourth chapter and finally, the last chapter is related to crimes and burglaries against property as well as vandalism and insurance filing complaints.

Table of contents

  • 1. Overview of home insurance sector
    • Property and liability insurance revenues in France 2019, by insurer

    • Property and liability insurance market share France 2019, by insurance company

    • Types of insurance most purchased by French people 2019

    • New licenses issued to insurance companies France 2019, by type

    • Overview of insurance undertakings in France 2019, by type

    • Consumer Price Index (CPI) of home insurance in France 2019-2021

    • Number of comprehensive house insurance contracts by policyholder in France 2017-2018

  • 2. The price of home insurance
    • Variation of annual cost for home insurance in France 2019, by type of apartment

    • Annual cost of home insurance for a house in France 2020, by region

    • Annual cost of home insurance for an apartment in France 2020, by region

    • Premiums value for comprehensive home insurance in France 2014-2019

  • 3. Multifarious premiums
    • Life insurance premiums written on the European market 2010-2019

    • Ranking of insurance groups in Europe in 2019, by premium volume

    • Leading insurance groups in France 2019, by gross written premiums

    • Personal property damage insurance premiums in France 2005-2019

    • Average premium for comprehensive house insurance by policyholder in France 2017-2018

    • Share of personal property insurance premiums in France 2019, by distribution channel

    • Contributions to comprehensive house insurance by policyholder in France 2017-2018

    • Multi-risk home insurance: rate of change of contributions in France 2012-2019

    • Average premium for comprehensive home insurance policies in France 2014-2019

  • 4. Property and home claims
    • Average cost of claims in home insurance in France 2019, by damage type

    • Variation in homeowners' insurance claims in France 2019, by type

    • Variation of property claims frequency rate, by type in France 2014-2018

    • Combined ratio for home insurance in France 2012-2019

    • Average cost for comprehensive house insurance claims by type in France 2017-2019

    • Value of property damage insurance claims paid in France 2011-2019

  • 5. Vandalism and home crimes
    • Breakdown of home invasions in France 2019, by type of intrusion

    • Home burglaries per 1,000 homes in France 2018, by region

    • Households victim of crime against their main residences in France 2018, by type

    • Number of vandalized primary homes in France 2006-2018

    • Number of households victims of robbery or attempted robbery in France 2006-2018

    • Share of households reporting acts of vandalism to their insurance France 2019

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