Sustainable Consumption in the U.S. 2021 Report

Statista Global Consumer Survey


Sustainability will remain an important issue according to the majority, but some are skeptical
Only 19% of consumers polled think that sustainability is a buzzword and will lose importance in the future. Nevertheless, caution is required when it comes to credibility: one in four say that brands use sustainability claims to sell products at a higher markup. This skepticism is reflected in the purchase criteria: “sustainability/eco-friendliness” barely makes it into the Top 10 in any of the polled categories. In food & beverages, 17% name sustainability as an important factor of purchase decisions. In beauty & personal care, as well as in fashion, it is named by 16% of consumers. Price remains the most important criterion across all categories.

Brands with a negative sustainability policy risk punishment
Consumers may avoid or even boycott brands and stores with poor sustainability practices. For example, 23% say they have stopped buying a certain brand in the beauty & personal care sector for lack of sustainability. In particular, younger consumers are willing to go even further: 20% of 16-to-29-year-olds stated they were boycotting a fashion brand or store due to insufficient sustainability policies.

Good prospects for sustainable eCommerce
Approximately 60% of online shoppers have not returned a single package in the past year. In addition, 60% say they would be willing to pay more for delivery if CO2-neutral shipping was guaranteed in return. Sustainable aspects indeed play a role in eCommerce: 25% view reduced packaging waste and environmentally friendly shipping as important delivery criteria. However, free, fast, and safe shipping is far higher up the priority list.

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