Canadian National Railway - Facts & Figures

The Canadian National Railway Company (CN) is a Class I freight railway that spans all across Canada, as well as in parts of both Midwestern and Southern United States. The CN’s overall rail network covers almost 20,000 route miles. The company is currently headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, and is Canada's only transcontinental railway company.

CN was established by the Canadian federal government in 1919 and was then privatized by the government on November 17, 1995. In adopting the official slogan "North America's Railroad", the company has since its inception grown to become one of the leading North American railroads. In 2016, CN generated total revenue of around 12 billion Canadian dollars and, for that same year, the company reported about 6.7 billion Canadian dollars in operating expenditures. The company records over 400 billion in gross ton-miles annually and, the number of employees in the services of CN amounted to 22,322 in 2016.

The company formerly operated a mix of freight and passenger services until the late 1970s but is now primarily a freight railway. The company’s rail freight revenue amounted to around 11.3 billion Canadian dollars in 2016. CN operates a supply-chain model that offers integrated shipping solutions which include rail, intermodal, trucking, freight forwarding, warehousing, and distribution. Intermodal accounts for the largest part of CN’s freight revenue by commodity group.

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Canadian National Railway - Important statistics

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