Bicycle sharing in Italy - Statistics & Facts

Besides the famous car culture based in Italy, Italians are showing a growing interest in bicycles and bike sharing. According to recent data, many Italian regions are offering bike sharing bicycles and Lombardy is leading the way with more than 6 thousand bicycles.

Due to demographic and geographical reasons, the distribution of bike sharing service shows that 81 percent of bike sharing services were located in the north of Italy in 2015. Based on the number of bike sharing bicycles in the Italian region of Lombardy, Milan is the leading city, followed by Brescia and Como.

Bicycles are becoming a very interesting business for firms too and many companies are already installing bike sharing stations all over Italy. The company Bicincittà leads in the number of bicycle-sharing stations in Italy, with more than 1,400 stations installed, followed by Clearchannel and Centro in bici. Users report to use bike sharing quite often; The average bike sharing usage in Milan ranges from 11 to 20 minutes while in the city of Turin it ranges from 6 to 10 minutes.

Despite the four wheel culture in Italy, Italians are responding positively to this new cycling trend; 88 percent reported that providing bike sharing services is useful, while 46 percent of respondents reported that the use of bike sharing services contribute to lower polluting emissions.

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