Apparel market in Italy- Statistics & Facts

Home to some of the most famous luxury clothing brands in the world, Italy is represented by a strong clothing and apparel market, with a value that is expected to reach over 42 billion USD by 2020. This can also be seen in the turnover from the manufacture of wearing apparel and the household consumption expenditure on clothing, which amounted to 28.2 billion euros and 49.4 billion euros in 2014 respectively.

Together with a great number of wearing apparel manufacturers, which employed over 165 thousand individuals in 2014, two important sectors of the apparel manufacturing market are the knitting industry and the textile industry. Hence, in 2013, the annual turnover of clothing retail stores amounted to 25 million euros. Of them, chain stores were one of the most used retail sales channels in 2015.

The role of e-commerce websites is on the rise, boosting the trend in online shopping. Female e-commerce customers, who represent 50 percent of Italian online clothing shoppers, seemed to purchase mostly cosmetics, health and wellness products, jewelry, footwear and clothing. However 'not being able to try clothes on' is a major concern among consumers when shopping for clothes online.

Similarly, animal-free clothing is a growing trend in the industry. Despite the awareness of the existence of animal free alternatives to several fabrics, such as fur, leather and wool, there are diverse opinions about switching brands and/or stores so as not to buy clothing articles made of animal-derived materials.

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Apparel market in Italy - Important statistics

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