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The use of motorcycles in the United Kingdom had seen a noticeable decrease in 2017. While the size of the country’s motorcycle fleet had recorded a peak of roughly 1.25 million vehicles in 2016, a year later this figure had dropped to 1.23 million. As of the following year, purchase trends remained in decline, with household spend on motorcycles fluctuating between 224 and 226 million British pounds in the first three quarters of the year.

In 2018, Honda remained the most popular motorcycle brand. New registrations numbered 20,126 units, while Yamaha had sold 12,442 new vehicles. Another commonly known manufacturer, the size of Harley-Davidson fleet in the country has been steadily increasing since 2012 and reached 49,851 bikes in 2017.

Regarding motorcycle models, figures for registered Triumph Tigers on the road amounted to 18,151 in 2017. This was a growth of more than one thousand vehicles compared to the previous year.
The most widely used motorcycle type in the past four years was the naked (or standard) bike. In 2018, 33,570 units had been sold, with scooters following at 19,769 units.

Engines used in motorcycles varied between 1-50 and more than 1,000 cubic centimeters in size. In 2017, the most commonly used engine had a measurement of 51 to 125 cubic centimeters. The following year, sales volume of motorcycles with such an engine amounted to 33,790 units.

The number of accidents involving bike riders has been falling since 2003. As such there were over ten thousand less accidents in 2017 than in 2003.

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