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The amount of freight moved inland in Hungary slowly grew since 2006. Of transportation modes, roads were by far the greatest contributor to the movement of goods, with a forecast suggesting they would generate 7.3 billion U.S. dollars in industry revenue by 2023.

Not only freight volumes recorded continued growth. By 2017, transportation of passengers on roads had reached its peak of 78.7 billion passenger-kilometers following a steady increase since 2011. In contrast, there was a noticeable decline in rail usage, with passenger volumes decreasing by almost 20 percent between 2006 and 2017.

This discrepancy is also reflected in government investments made for each mode of transport. In 2017, the state had invested 1.28 billion euros in infrastructure projects benefiting road conditions, while the amount spent on railway maintenance was 556.1 million euros.

There were a total of 3.3 million cars registered in the country by 2016. This translated into 338 such vehicles being available per one thousand inhabitants, which was the largest figure in the reporting time period.

Greater car ownership and freight movement also contributed to the expansion of motorways. By 2016, Hungary’s motorways measured 1,924 kilometers.

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