Renewable energy in Scandinavia - Statistics & Facts

The renewable energy capacity in Denmark, Norway and Sweden has been growing at a steady pace during the past ten years. The sources from where most of the renewable energy comes from differs between the countries: Denmark relies on wind power, Norway focuses on hydropower, and Sweden’s largest consumption of renewable energy comes from biofuels.

Denmark is known worldwide for its high share of wind power. The wind power covered around 40 percent of the country’s total electricity consumption during the last five years, and it is the largest source of renewable energy in the country. The wind power capacity from active turbines increased constantly during the last ten years, and the most production comes from wind turbines on land. The same is true for wind power production in Sweden, almost all of it coming from onshore wind farms.

Among the three countries, Norway has the highest renewable capacity and almost all its energy comes from renewable sources. Their wind power production is significantly lower than in Sweden and Denmark. Instead, hydropower is the main renewable energy source in Norway. The average production of hydropower in the country increased each year during the past ten years.

In Sweden, the largest source of renewable energy is biofuel, but the country also produces a lot of hydro- and wind power. Swedish production of biofuels increased overall in the last decade. The most common use of biofuels is to produce heating from biomass, but it is also used to produce electricity, as well as fuel for transportation.

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