Populism in the United States, Europe and Turkey


Populism is loosely defined as a brand of politics in which often charismatic politicians or candidates specifically exploit (negative) feelings of voters and make election promises that are often unrealistic but have broad popular appeal. Arguably, the world has seen a few such votes since last year.

Beginning with the Brexit referendum in June 2016, this chart depicts some of the outcomes of votes which, by loose definition, have pitched populist candidates or ideas against more moderate or established candidates and ideas. Each vote has its very particular setting, so this overview is also food for thought if those votes can be thrown into the same basket.

Populism can be found on the left and the right spectrum of politics. To some populism is true democracy, to others its jus demagoguery. Critics argue that many populists aren't idealist striving to realize a common cause for the common people but are often more concerned with acquiring power for their own sake.

Infographic: Populism in the United States, Europe and Turkey  | Statista
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