Revenue of the marketplace lending industry in Asia 2018-2027

Revenue of the marketplace lending market in Asia from 2018 to 2027

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Supplementary notes

Data provided by Statista Market Insights are estimates. Marketplace Lending platforms offer private users the option to place requests for loans in an online marketplace to find private investors who would invest at an appropriate interest rate. Portals such as Lending Club, Zopa, auxmoney and Prosper apply a credit score and list the financial requests by intended purpose before fixing a lending rate. One or more investors can then serve the credit request. Although banks act in cooperation with the platform providers, the lending is done, in principle, without direct exposure, risk audits or the formal requirements normally associated with credit lending. This is attractive for many users because the processes are expedited, there is less demand when it comes of the borrower’s creditworthiness and the conditions are often more flexible than with traditional bank loans. Users are defined in this case as active borrowers on an online platform; applicants or investors who are only partially recorded as users are not included. The amount of outstanding, short-term installments or consumer loans recognized during the applicable year is used here as a benchmark.

Online comparison marketplaces for bank loans are not included in this segment.

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