Fintech - Statistics & Facts

Fintech - Statistics & Facts

Statistics and facts on Fintech

Fintech is a term used to describe the companies operating in the financial technology sector. It relates mainly to small start-up companies which develop innovative technological solutions in such areas as online and mobile payments, big data, alternative finance and financial management. As of February 2015, bank spending on new technologies in North America was projected to reach 17 billion U.S. dollars in 2015 and increase to 19.9 billion in 2017.

On a global scale, the value of investment in financial technology ventures amounted to approximately three billion U.S. dollars in 2013 and was projected to grow to around eight billion U.S. dollars in 2018.

The value of worldwide investment in Fintech companies focusing on P2P lending, online lending and scoring amounted to approximately 1.82 billion U.S. dollars in 2014. In the case of global companies specializing in Bitcoin payments, 2014 investments were less substantial, reaching approximately 318.76 million U.S. dollars. Xapo and Bitfury proved to be the leading Bitcoin companies in 2014 in terms of investment value. Around 40 million U.S. dollars was invested in each one of them separately. In general terms however, Adyen was the Fintech company which attracted the largest value of investors’ money in 2014. This company, specializing in online payments, received approximately 250 million U.S. dollars of investment. As far as revenues were concerned, Tata Consultancy Services, operating in the area of banking and payment technologies, was the leading Fintech company in 2015 with revenues of 15.06 billion U.S. dollars.

The United States was the leading Fintech country in 2014. The value of investment in U.S. financial technology companies reached approximately 3.97 billion U.S. dollars. Silicon Valley, New York and London were the leading world Fintech locations that year. Surprisingly, only 14 percent of Americans have heard about Fintech companies, and have a clear idea of them.

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Facts on Fintech
Drivers of Fintech developmentStatistic
Leading area of bank spending on financial technologiesMobile payments Details →
Projected bank spending on new technologies in North America 201719.9bn USD Details →
Value of global peer to peer lending9bn USD Details →
Total revenue of global mobile payment market450bn USD Details →
Investments in FintechStatistic
Total value of Fintech investments worldwide10bn USD Details →
Value of VC-based investment in Fintech sector worldwide14.5bn USD Details →
Value of investment in Financial Technology ventures in the U.S.2.4bn USD Details →
Leading Fintech companiesStatistic
Leading Fintech transactions globallyAnt Financial Details →
Leading global Fintech companies by revenue from financial servicesTata Consultancy Services Details →
Fintech company in the area of payments worldwide which received most financingSquare Details →
Leading Fintech locationsStatistic
Value of global venture capital investment in Fintech in the U.S.1.8bn USD Details →
Value of investment in Financial Technology companies in the U.S.3.97bn USD Details →
Leading Fintech location by value of investmentSilicon Valley Details →
Consumer perspectiveStatistic
Share of Americans not familiar with Fintech63% Details →
Share of Americans using personal financial management tools and apps15% Details →
Share of Americans not familiar with virtual currencies32% Details →
Share of Americans using services to manage stock portfolios via smartphone or internet10% Details →
Share of banks which started programs to incubate Fintech companies as a result of Fintech development43% Details →
Number of employees in Fintech sector in the U.S.200k Details →
Leading banking area providing opportunity for Fintech companiesCards and payments Details →

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