Unemployment rate in the United States by occupation in September 2016

The statistic shows the unemployment rate by occupation for the month of September 2016 in the United States. Service occupations had an unemployment rate of 5.9 percent.

The underemployment rate of the country can be accessed here and the monthly unemployment rate here.

Unemployment by occupation in the U.S.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics—the principle fact-finding agency for the U.S. Federal Government in labor economics and statistics—publish data on the unemployment situation within certain occupations in the United States on a monthly basis. According to latest data released, transportation and material moving occupations experienced the highest level of unemployment that month, with a rate of around 6.9 percent. Second ranked were service occupations with a rate of around 6.8 percent. Total (not seasonally adjusted) unemployment was reported at 4.70 percent. Other data on the U.S. unemployment rate by industry and class of worker shows comparable results.

It should be noted that the data were not seasonally adjusted to account for normal seasonal fluctuations in unemployment. The monthly unemployment by occupation data can be compared to the seasonally adjusted monthly unemployment rate. In January 2016, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 4.9 percent, down from 5.7 percent in January 2016. The annual unemployment rate in 2015 was 5.3 percent, down from a high of 9.60 in 2010.

Unemployment in the United States appears to be trending downward, a good sign of economic improvement. Some analysts, though, remain skeptical, citing the labor force participation rate as a reason to temper the significance of the unemployment rate as an indicator of economic recovery. Individuals who opt to leave the workforce and stop looking for employment are not included among the unemployed. The civilian labor force participation rate in the U.S. fell to only 62.7 percent in 2015, down from 67.1 percent in 2000, before the financial crisis.

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OccupationUnemployment rate
Farming, fishing, and forestry occupations 9.1%
Production occupations 6.4%
Transportation and material moving occupations 5.9%
Service occupations 5.9%
Construction and extraction occupations 5.7%
Sales and related occupations 5.2%
Total 4.8%
Office and administrative support occupations 4.1%
Installation, maintenance, and repair occupations 3.3%
Management, business, and financial operations occupations 2.8%
Professional and related occupations 2.6%
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