Out-of-pocket health care spending in the U.S.

Statistics report about out-of-pocket health care spending in the U.S.

Out-of-pocket health care spending in the U.S.

This report presents key facts and figures about health care out-of-pocket (OOP) spending in the United States. It provides an overview of health insurance coverage and the average cost of premiums, deductibles, and copayments in the United States. The report delivers OOP spending in total U.S. dollars and per capita as well as for specific drugs and health care services. It should be noted that out-of-pocket spending or costs can be used interchangeably with cost-sharing and can be defined differently depending on the source.

Table of contents

Health Insurance in the U.S.

  • Premium Statistic Percentage of people in the U.S. without health insurance 1997-2022
  • Premium Statistic Percentage adults with health insurance in the U.S. 2003-2022
  • Premium Statistic Percentage of U.S. Americans with any health insurance 1990-2022
  • Basic Statistic Number of health uninsured vs insured adults in the U.S. 2003-2020
  • Premium Statistic Share of total personal health care expenditure in the U.S. in 2020, by fund source

Cost of insurance

  • Basic Statistic Worker and employer premium contributions for single coverage in the U.S. 1999-2023
  • Premium Statistic Worker and employer premium contribution for family coverage in the U.S., 1999-2023
  • Basic Statistic Distribution of worker premium contribution in the U.S. 2023, by coverage
  • Basic Statistic Share of income spent on health plan costs by U.S. employees 2008-2020

Average amount of deductibles and copayments

  • Premium Statistic Average U.S. worker's annual deductible for single coverage, 2006-2023
  • Basic Statistic Distribution of U.S. workers' annual deductible for single coverage, 2007-2023
  • Basic Statistic Distribution of U.S. workers' copayment for a PCP visit, 2006-2023
  • Premium Statistic Distribution of U.S. workers' copayment to see a specialist, 2006-2023
  • Basic Statistic U.S. workers' OOP maximum for single coverage, 2009-2023
  • Premium Statistic Average MA out-of-pocket maximum in the U.S. 2022, by plan type

Total out-of-pocket spending in the U.S.

  • Basic Statistic U.S. total out-of-pocket health care payments 1960-2022
  • Premium Statistic U.S. per capita out-of-pocket health care payments 1970-2022
  • Basic Statistic U.S. out-of-pocket health care payments annual change 2010-2022
  • Premium Statistic Out-of-pocket share of total U.S. personal health care expenditures 2010-2022
  • Basic Statistic U.S. residents with high out-of-pocket medical costs 2020-2021, by state

Out-of-pocket spending on health care services or specific drugs

  • Basic Statistic Out-of-pocket health care spending per person in the U.S. by category 2016-2021
  • Basic Statistic Health costs distribution of private insurance and out-of-pocket payments U.S. 2021
  • Basic Statistic Dental service spending in the U.S. by payer 2013-2021
  • Basic Statistic Hospital care spending in the United States by payer 2013-2021
  • Basic Statistic Prescription drugs spending in the U.S. by payer 2013-2021
  • Basic Statistic Atorvastatin out of pocket cost U.S. 2004-2021
  • Premium Statistic Insulin human out of pocket price in the U.S. 2004-2020


  • Premium Statistic Ability to afford out-of-pocket costs on health care in the U.S. 2023
  • Premium Statistic Average OOP spending for health management activities in the U.S. in 2022, by age
  • Premium Statistic Amount paid out-of-pocket for surprise medical bills in the U.S. as of 2022
  • Basic Statistic Share of older adults with high out-of-pocket health costs worldwide 2021

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